Weight:103 lbs
About Yuko

Yuko is one of our favorites. She’s absolutely adorable, and very good at getting past language barriers with her not-so-subtle charm. There’s not a whole lot to dislike about a girl that you could pick up with one arm, and would greet suddenly being picked up by a guy with the same enthusiasm you would expect of someone at an amusement park.
In her own words:

Hi, My name is Yuko. I am Japanese, very pretty girl. I am small body. Very fun time with funny and smart. I will like to get to know you and what is you like.
That’s about all I got out of her for her bio. Now imagine hearing that in the cutest voice ever and if your heart isn’t sold on meeting Yuko for the night of your life, then I guess you don’t have one. But on to more specifics, Yuko is a fun time. She doesn’t have many inhibitions (this may be a cultural thing) and yet she brings an innocent playfulness to the freakiest acts, as if it’s all just novel fun (You come where? ah, Okay!! haha).

Yuko is only interested in men, and she gets oddly jealous around other females, so this will be a one on one encounter, but for a one on one, almost anything goes. She has very few boundaries. If you like petite, then you will find her body nearly flawless. Try not to fall in love.

Turn ons: American “accents,” Boots, Anything American

Turn offs: Drunkenness.

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