Weight:118 lbs
About Veronica

Hello my lovely paramour! My name is Veronica. I am a serious escort, with several years of experience. I know what I am doing in this business and I know how to please and I know how to be discreet. With me, the sky is the limit and you say how high we go. Want the hottest blonde on your arm for an event? Want to have dinner in a fancy restaurant and have everyone looking in your direction? Want to go dancing at the nicest rooftop nightclub with the hottest girl there? Or would you prefer a cozy evening at your hotel getting to know each other one on one? That’s all up to you, and no matter what we do, you are guaranteed to feel like the night is all about you. Still wondering how much you are going to enjoy yourself? Like I said, I’m experienced and know what I am doing. You’ll think I can read your mind, I’m that good. Call me!

Cia0, Lover!

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