Weight:108 lbs
Cup D
About Angel

Hey Guys! Where do I start about me? Well, I’m fun and outgoing. I like to make other people happy and really appreciate it when they try to do the same for me. I love generosity of all kinds. If you can help me with my career, my education or just to make ends meet, well, that’s all a girl wants, right? In return, we know how to make you feel special.

I’m into modeling and would love some contacts to some local photographers or talent scouts. My long term goal is to go to business school, so if modeling doesn’t work out, I’ll have something to fall back on. In the mean time, I am living each day to the best of my ability and trying to have fun, so at least we will have a great time together. I have goals, and I am really turned on by guys who also do. I love the business type, who have it together and know how to network. I like a guy who appreciates a win-win and enjoys being able to help each other get where we’re going.

When a guy treats me right, and has the right attitude, it really turns me on and puts me in the mood and I get really wild. It’s all about care-free fun. If at the end of our night together, I go home thinking about how hot and exciting it was, then I think we both have had a win. Let’s do that, shall we?

Your little Angel :*

Turn ons: Muscular builds with flat stomachs, confidence, resourcefulness, sense of humor, nice clothes

Turn offs: Stupidity, closed mindedness, religion, weakness

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